What Drink Suits an Elegant and Festive Party?

Have you ever seen nor experience attending an elegant and festive party? If yes, then you have probably enjoyed such kind of festive parties. Many would agree that aside from exciting activities and beautiful accessories, festive and elegant parties are never complete without the most suitable drinks.

Helpful Ways for Planning an Elegant and Festive Party

For you to end up with a memorable and successful elegant and festive party, you need to plan ahead. In such way, everyone will be happy with the perfect setting and ambiance. The following ways can help you:

    • Plan Your Guest List-Think about your guests. This is actually the first phase to better determine the most ideal venue, the foods and drinks that can be suitably served to them during the drink party.
    • Choose the Right Venue-Make sure that the size of your festive party venue will accommodate your guests and the venue must be a place that you guests would feel more comfortable with. Make that your venue is accessible and clean.


  • Decide on your Party Décor-Your part décor must be simple but with a touch of elegance and style. There should be proper ventilation and lighting to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Your creativity when choosing and hanging décors plays a vital role in making our festive party venue feel and look good.
  • Decide on the Right Drinks or Refreshments to Serve-So if you are planning to throw an elegant or festive party, you need to smartly decide on the most ideal type of drink for this kind of party. You can consider serving wines, cocktails, punch and more. But if you serve these drinks, make sure that drinking water is available too.


Aside from all those mentioned above, party music is also an important component that you need to decide on. Remember that choosing the right music for your elegant and festive party can add life to the celebration.

Choosing the Best Drink Suits an Elegant and Festive Party

With lots of options for party readily available today, individuals planning to organize an elegant and festive party might find it hard to decide. To give you an excellent idea, you can try Irish Coffee.

Although diverse types of coffee cocktails pre-date the present classic Irish coffee by 100 years at least, the authentic Irish coffee was invented and then named by Joe Sheridan, Foynes’ head chef according to reliable sources. Some American passengers have even mistaken Irish coffee as Brazilian coffee in 1940s but Sheridan told them that it was Irish Coffee that was served to them. Sheridan actually added some whiskey to the coffee to make the passengers warm.

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The ingredients of Irish Coffee include 4 parts coffee, one part cream, 1 tsp. sugar and 1 and a half parts Irish Whiskey. When mixing, you need to stir Irish whiskey, coffee and brown sugar in wine glass and float cream. So if you are thinking about giving your elegant and festive party some twist, serve your guests with Irish Coffee.