What Drinks Can A Buragtory E-Gift Card Buy You?

Burgatory is one of the best and friendliest burger joints that are available in Pittsburgh. Frequent diners go crazy about their burgers, shakes and other drinks. It truly gives you that all-American diner experience. By partnering with the best local dairy suppliers and butchers, they also guarantee nothing but the freshest and tastiest food and drinks a joint can serve.

To share the pleasure with others, a Burgatory E-Gift card is now available for you to give to friends. These gift cards allow the recipient to enjoy the following drinks:

1. Espresso Love

Even Coffee lovers have something for them in Burgatory. One of the best, constantly given an 8.0 rating is the Espresso Love. This is a mix of your classic espresso shot and made even better by mixing in dark chocolate and Patron XO café.

2. Mike’s Scratch Margarita

Do you have a friend who loves a good old margarita? Their e-gift card also enables them to join in the margarita fun during happy hour. One of the best selling offers at Burgatory is Mike’s Scratch Margarita. It’s a right mix of agave nectar, Espolon silver tequila, pomegranate, Grand Marnier, and a blend of citrus juices.

3. Monkey Business

Monkey Business isn’t your everyday banana shake, but this drink is a must-try! Burgatory has tweaked it up a little bit by adding in rum and banana liquor. 

4. Bacon Mary

shutterstock 392813251 What Drinks Can A Buragtory E Gift Card Buy You?

Bloody Mary is now made even bloodier and better at Burgatory. Here, you get to enjoy the joint’s house-made Bloody Mary. They’ve added their twist by putting in pepper rim, old bay salt, candied bacon, cucumber, olives, and citrus. It sounds like one crazy drink, indeed.

5. Farmers Market Shrub

The Farmers Market Shrub is one of the drinks that’s given a lot of thought and detail. Fresh fruits taken from local farmers are mixed with local artisan kinds of vinegar. This is given time to sit, and your friends at Burgatory will decide which alcohol to mix at any given time. That’s an evolving chance for you to try out different options.


If you don’t know what to give your friends and office mates this season, you might want to provide them with a delightful treat. Gift each of your officemates with a Burgatory E-gift card, and all of you can have a great time on your office weekend off. Have each one order a different drink, so each one can also go all out with trying out all the various offers.