What Drinks Help You Concentrate While You Study

Probably everyone feels unable to concentrate on important things from time to time. This is especially common for students as they need to focus really a lot while studying, which can be quite exhausting for their brain. Thus, they tend to get distracted by different things so easily. The longer one learns something, the more difficult it gets to keep a deep focus on study material. 

Frequent loss of focus may lead to procrastination. In this state, one cannot complete tasks at all because their attention is drawn by something else all the time. To stop this, one should find effective ways of being aimed towards the most important goal at a particular moment. 

This article offers you the easiest way to concentrate while studying, which is making a drink that improves your attention. There are plenty of drinks that don’t need much effort to be prepared but give amazing effects. For instance, it’s a well-known fact that all drinks containing caffeine can not only boost your energy levels but also improve your mental performance. Some studies have revealed that energy drinks with caffeine allow us to generate more brain function in a shorter period of time, so the information can be absorbed more effectively. This is especially important during an exam period when one needs to memorize a big number of facts. But if you don’t want to limit yourself only to caffeine drinks, have a look at some other recipes offered below! 

Turmeric latte 

Turmeric latte is very easy to make, its preparation time won’t take more than 5 minutes. Take 350 ml of almond milk, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger and put all these ingredients in a saucepan. Add a grind of black pepper and whisk constantly over a gentle heat, preferably with the help of a milk frother in case you have one. Once the liquid is hot, pour your drink into mugs and sprinkle with cinnamon to serve.

Remember that it’s very important not to overdo it when consuming coffee drinks. Excessive caffeine intake may cause jitters, insomnia, or a headache, so you will probably not be able to concentrate on learning. 

Smoke tea with ginger and honey 

Sometimes when you complete tasks that can be life-changing, like writing a personal statement for a college of your dreams, you may need help not only from Writix but from something that can put you together, make you calm and concentrated. And this can be smoke tea with ginger and honey. 

Instead of drinking your regular tea, try its energizing modification. You will need a small piece of a ginger root, ½ teaspoon of lapsang souchong tea leaves as well as green tea leaves, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Put both types of tea leaves into a teapot, fill it with boiling water, and leave it to brew for about 1 minute. Then add honey and sliced ginger, that’s it! Enjoy this powerful drink while writing your assignments and make the studying process more effective! 

Matcha with vanilla 

This Japanese-style tea has an original taste and stimulating properties. It can make your mind more alert which results in improved concentration. Just find 5 minutes in between study sessions!

All you need is ½ teaspoon of matcha powder and seeds from half a vanilla pod. First, boil the kettle and measure 100 ml of the water. Pour half the hot water into a bowl, add the matcha powder, and put vanilla seeds to the rest of the water. Then, whisk the mixture until it’s smooth and slightly bubbly, preferably with the help of a bamboo whisk. Finally, pour the rest of the water into the prepared matcha tea.

Driver’s punch

Although the drink is called Driver’s punch, it can be a good fit for students who need to be better energized and maintain their concentration for longer. 

Put 100 grams of cranberry into a freezer container, cover berries with water by about 2.5 cm and freeze until solid. At the same time, mix 100 ml of the cranberry juice in a jug with 500 ml of blood orange juice and the juice of one lime.

Before serving, smash the sheet of frozen cranberries and place its shards in the bottom of the glasses. Then put a wedge of lime, orange, and a mint sprig in each glass. Finally, pour in the mixed fruit juices as well as the Appletiser drink. 

Lemon-ginger tea

A great alternative to caffeinated drinks that can elevate concentration is lemon-ginger tea. 

Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice from its half. Then, use another half to slice it. Fill 2 mugs with equal portions of lemon juice and sliced lemon as well as ginger. Add boiling water there and leave to steep for 3 mins. If you have a sweet tooth, add some honey to your lemon-ginger tea! 

Author’s BIO 

Paul Calderon is a college tutor who is in constant search of new ways of increasing learning productivity. Paul uses various tools to boost focus as he believes that this is one of the main factors of academic success. Recently, he has started experimenting with energizing drinks and was surprised by the effectiveness of this method. Hence, he shares some valuable information about it online.