What Hobbies Can You Find In Quarantine?

Even though most countries declare full restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19 and are even moving to resumption between countries, some European countries are not going to leave the lockdown. In particular, in Germany, cafes, restaurants, as well as cinemas, and beauty salons have been closed since December. Denmark until January 17 restricts entry and exit from the country, Poland is also not going to leave quarantine yet.

What to do in conditions of restrictions, when to leave the house? Perhaps now this is the most pressing issue of concern to many people.

What to do in conditions of restrictions, when it is forbidden to leave the house? Perhaps now this is the most pressing issue of concern to many people.

Reading books and newspapers

An interesting, and most importantly, useful activity for the mind. In a company with a good book or newspaper, the quarantine can go unnoticed.

TOP 10 immortal classics that have won the hearts of many bookworms:

  1. O. Wilde “Portrait of Dorian Gray”. 
  2. D. Salinger «The Catcher in the Rye». 
  3. T. Dreiser «Sister Kerry» и «Genius».
  4. F. Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment”. 
  5. M. Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”. 
  6. L. Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”. 
  7. F. Fitzgerald “Dandelion Wine” and “Tender Night”. 
  8. R. Bradbury “Fahrenheit 451”.
  9. M. Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”. 
  10. Dante “Divine Comedy”.

Watching films

Good, kind films will help brighten up any the most boring evening, including quarantine. But often people have to face the question

“What movie to see?”. You need to proceed from an understanding of which genre you like best: comedy or melodrama. A ruined evening, and then a night, is guaranteed if you are n a fan of horror films, even if you are very curious.

TOP 15 most successful and grossing Hollywood films that have become classics:

  1. Titanic (directed by D. Cameron). 
  2. Gladiator (directed by R. Scott). 
  3. The Terminator (directed by D. Cameron). 
  4. Troy (directed by V. Petersen).
  5.  Alexander (directed by O. Strawn). 
  6. “Seven Years in Tibet” (directed by J.-J. Anno).
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (directed by D. Lyman). 
  8. The Survivor (directed by A. G. Iñarritu). 
  9. The Wolf of Wall Street (directed by M. Scorsese). 
  10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (directed by K. Tarantino). 
  11. “Kill Bill” (directed by K. Tarantino). 
  12. Twilight (directed by C. Hardwicke). 
  13. Home Alone (directed by Chris Columbus). 
  14. “Black Swan” (directed by D. Aranofsky). 
  15. The Chronicles of Narnia (directed by E. Adamson).

Training and mastering new professions

Quarantine provides tremendous opportunities for learning new crafts. Considering that now there is a noticeable tendency for the whole world to switch to the online mode, it is possible to master professions on the “remote”. Experts on the popular job search site named the five most in-demand jobs in 2021 in remote work mode:

  • copywriter – a specialist in writing texts;
  • content manager – a specialist who creates and publishes content on websites, blogs, and social networks;
  • SMM-manager – a specialist who promotes products in social networks;
  • SEO specialist – a specialist performing search engine optimization;
  • a web designer is a specialist who creates graphic and visual content for a website.

Online casino games

During the quarantine, all gambling establishments and casinos are closed, but all online casinos allow you to play your favorite slots at home.

TOP 10 best online casinos in Europe:

  • Playdom – includes more than 1600 entertainment, deposit – from 500 rubles;
  • Robert – great bonus policy;
  • Everum – a large selection of slots, nice bonuses for beginners;
  • Book Cazino – gifts and bonuses for beginners;
  • Non gamstop – non gamstop sports betting sites
  • Leovegas – a large number of slots;
  • Casumo – over 200 slots