What Influences the Price of a Bottle of Wine

Wine has a huge gap between the highest and lowest prices, even at less expensive stores like Trader Joe’s or Costco. If you’re not a wine enthusiast, you might be wondering why there’s such a big gap. Here’s what really determines how much a bottle of wine costs.

Most people don’t shell out big bucks for wine they drink everyday, and honestly if you’re not that into wine then you probably shouldn’t bother splurging on an expensive bottle. But if you do pick up something nicer, you want to know what you’re paying for. Wine director Toni Deluca lays out the factors that cause some wines to be dramatically more expensive than others:

  • Location: The land the grapes are grown has an effect on the flavor of the wine. Certain areas have produced better tasting grapes for centuries, so their grapes are worth more.

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