All you need to know about the Coffee Belt

The Coffee Belt contains all of the regions that have the conditions needed for coffee growing.

Since the plants clearly require lots of sunshine and warmth, it’s pretty easy to say that this belt makes a good outline for the best tropical vacations, too!

A coffee plant prefers rich soil and mild temperatures, with lots of rain and shaded sun. It grows best in a band around the middle of the world, bounded by the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, known as the Bean Belt. Soil, climate and altitude affect the flavour of the beans.

Back in the XIV century wild seedlings of coffee were exported from Ethiopia to Arabian Peninsula, and by the end of the XVII century coffee beans had spread as far as Java and Sumatra. Then, the coffee culture entered the New World countries, and took roots in Brazil, Guatemala, Costa-Rica, Jamaica and Cuba. By the beginning of the XIX century the circle closed and our planet got the “coffee belt”, within which all the main coffee plantations are located.