What to do with leftover bubbly

Leftover bubbly? Unheard of!!! But if you do find that you didn’t finish off every last bottle of bubbly during your New Year’s celebrations, don’t let it go to waste! There are better uses for an opened bottle of Champagne, Methode Cap Classique or sparkling wine than pouring it down the drain.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Make a vinaigrette. Combine with citrus to create a deliciously balanced dressing for root vegetables.
  • Make butter. Mix together with butter and refrigerate to create a champagne butter for the ultimate oysters.
  • Make fritters. Add to the batter for fritters, zucchini blossoms, etc. instead of sparkling water for flavour enhancement.
  • Make ice cubes. Freeze the leftover portions in an ice cube tray and use later for mimosas during brunch.
  • Make sorbet. Just combine champagne with simple syrup and freeze for a light and fresh after-dinner treat.
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