What to do with your leftover Champagne

Here’s the thing about Champagne: It’s only good for drinking when it’s freshly opened, cold and sparkling in its glass.

If the New Year’s Eve celebration got a little out of hand, and you have some opened bottles that lasted longer than your guests, fear not: There are still plenty of delicious ways to keep the party going.

Take a bath
Channel Marilyn Monroe, who was rumored to bathe in 350 bottles of bubbly, taking advantage of the grape’s naturally-occurring antioxidants.

But if you don’t have a few hundred bottles to spare, use a sip’s worth for a natural toner. Michelle Phan, makeup artist and YouTube star, promises it will be “light, cool and refreshing.”

She wrote on her website, “Champagne is a favorite toner of mine for its detoxifying properties and its ability to fight free radicals.”

According to Phan, the acid also helps to even out skin tone. She suggests putting a small amount on a cotton pad and wiping it across the face.

Make shoes sparkle

Parisian shoemaker Olga Berluti has said she finishes a shoe shine with Champagne, and directs her well-heeled customers to do the same. It’s said to cut the fat in the polish, allowing the natural color of the leather to really shine.

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