What to drink with your favourite Christmas movie

When nobody invited you to any Christmas parties (again), what else is there to do but group up a few holiday specials and call it a weekend? Maybe you need something classic while you’re cuddling up with your significant other. Perhaps you want to turn a Charles Dickens standard into a descent of debauchery with your friends. Or maybe you prefer Halloween and want to goth it up alone (clearly that one is for me). No matter what your poison is, there’s definitely films you can pair for double-features, specials that can resurrect your childhood, and Dwight Shruite as Belsnickel waiting for you online.

But who would I be to make you search for this? To make it easy, here are seven suggestions of Christmas-themed couplings: What you should watch, when you should watch it, and what drink you should pair it with (duh).

1. A Very Vintage Christmas

Stream: White Christmas and Babes in Toyland

Drink: A hot toddy or spiked cider should suffice.

Perfect For: White Christmas is an incredibly beautiful technicolor classic, maybe one of my top five favorite films of all time. Babes in Toyland is… perfectly fine if you can’t get March of the Wooden Soldiers on instant stream, which you can’t. Likewise you can’t get the earlier, inferior prototype version of White Christmas, Holiday Inn, but considering that one features Bing Crosby in blackface, it’s no loss.

2. A Bizarro Christmas Carol Combination

Stream: A Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, All American Christmas Carol

Drink: Beer, in mass quantities.

Perfect For: A drinking game. The Dickensian classic, A Christmas Carol, is one of the most generic, reproduced stories in history. Everyone from Mr. Magoo to Fred Flintstone to my dad has done a take on it. Likewise, beer is the most generic of alcohols, so you know what? Let’s get weird. Turn the often-repeated lines into a sip, and allow each version to decline in quality as your sobriety steadily drops. By the time you have to watch Pennsatucky fromOrange is the New Black spout out Ebenezer Scrooge platitudes, you’ll be too shit-faced to care.

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