What To Look For In a Built-in Wine Cooler

Enjoying good wine in your home doesn’t mean that you have to have a basement for a wine cellar; instead, you can simply install a built in wine cooler to keep your wine stored properly. You can take basically any area of your home and turn it into a built in wine cooler with just a little bit of effort. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to have a wine cooler or wine refrigerator built right in to your home.

Step One: Find Your Built In Wine Coolers

The first thing you should do is find and purchase a wine cooler. You’ll want to spend some time shopping around and reading user reviews to know which model to purchase. There are a few basic things that are important when choosing a wine cooler however. These are:

  • Temperature: How does the wine cooler regulate temperature? Does it include just one or multiple temperature zones? Can you set a specific temperature? Is humidity regulated as well as temperature? Does it have a dual zone wine temperature option?
  • Protection: How will this wine cooler protect your wine? What kind of protection does it offer, and will it keep your bottles safe from UV rays, earthquakes and other hazards?
  • Quality/Durability: Is the wine cooler you’re thinking about buying durable enough to last for several years? (You don’t want to go to the trouble of installing a wine cooler just to have it burn out on you after a year or two of service.)
  • Capacity and Size: Does the wine cooler hold enough bottles? What are the physical dimensions of the wine cooler?
  • Price: How much does the wine cooler cost? (A good way to compare the cost of wine coolers by features is to take the total cost of the wine cooler and divide that by the number of wine bottles it can store. This gives you the per bottle cost, making it simple to see what you’re getting for your dollar)

Answer those questions and make sure the wine cooler you purchase has the features mentioned. You might make a list of models and products you can compare. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wine cooler just to find out the one you purchased doesn’t have the features you need.

Step Two: Know Where You Want To Install It


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