What You Need To Know About Michael Jordan’s Super Expensive Cincoro Tequila

Following in the footsteps of George Clooney, Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine, The Backstreet Boys, and the Rock, Michael Jordan is now in on the celebrity tequila game With Cincoro Tequila, and the best bottle will set you back $1,600.

Cincoro Tequila was announced this morning as a super-premium new tequila brand, created by five basketball power brokers, including Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, Wes Edens of the Milwaukee Bucks, Emilia Fazzalari and her husband Wyc Grousbeck of the Boston Celtics, and Michael Jordan, who owns the Hornets.

The five bonded over a mutual love of tequila at a 2016 dinner, which they credit as the founding day of their partnership. Since then, they’ve worked to create a delicate, complex, and refined tequila, using hand-selected agave from highland and lowland regions.

It’s a hell of an all-star team and a hell of a story. And Cincoro is definitely a “super-premium” tequila. The unaged Blanco will set you back $70 (keep in mind Patrón Silver is priced around $60), Reposado (aged 8 to 10 months) will be around $90, Añejo (aged 24 to 28 months) will be $130, and the Extra Añejo (aged over 3 years) will be a staggering $1,600 per bottle.

The tequila is produced by a contract distiller named Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, which produces nearly 100 brands in total.

Contract distillation doesn’t negate quality, but it should perhaps make you wonder why you’d pay high prices for tequila from the same distillery that once produced Kirkland Signature Tequila.

One simple answer: Michael Jordan helped to pick this tequila. And picked is an important distinction from “created,” because it would appear that, at least for now, Cincoro is buying existing stock rather than creating something original from the ground up. 

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