What`s in Your Wine?

Beyond the sulfites, winemakers don’t have to tell you everything that goes into your wine. 

But often your bottle is packed and processed with a lengthy list of safe-to-drink preservatives, fining agents and even flavorings. As organic farming and biodynamic winemaking take hold of the industry—and with a few producers beginning to list every ingredient—it’s time to take a look at exactly what could be in your wine.

Sulfur dioxide/Sulfites

Protects and preserves the integrity of the wine. Sulfur can stop fermentation, if needed, and kills the nasty microbes and bacteria that can harm a wine’s flavor or aroma.

Potassium Sorbate

Like sulfur, potassium sorbate (also used in cheese and yogurt) wards off bad bacteria. In sweet wine, it’s often used to prevent further fermentation once bottled.

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