Where To Buy Trump Wine, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

On Tuesday, amidst the chaos of primary elections, photos surfaced that showed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign preparing to serve the candidate’s own wine, water, and steaks at a press conference in Florida.

Yes, you read that right: Trump has his own brand of wine, and he serves it as press conferences (or, at least, he did at this particular press conference). Regardless of how you feel about Trump as a candidate, you’ll probably start to like him a lot more as a winemaker when you hear where you can buy Trump wine.

Trump’s wine comes from the not-so-subtly-named Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s a 1,300-acre estate near Thomas Jefferson’s estate at Monticello (read into this what you choose). The vineyards were first planted in 1999 and the winery opened in 2011. True to Trump’s style, it’s the largest winery in Virginia, which boasts more than 250 wineries in total.

Trump’s wine selection includes sparkling, red, white, and pink options. Tastings are available at the winery in Virginia, but the wine is also sold online via the winery’s website. Yes, you read that right, too: You can own a piece of the Trump business (and a piece of the wine business, no less) just as easily as you can own a pair of corgi socks.

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