Where To Drink A Transparent Bloody Mary In Cape Town

The Bloody Mary has been called the Mount Everest of cocktails by those in the know thanks to its mix of boozy and savoury elements. The brunch and hangover favourite is distinctive when served because of its colour and main ingredient: tomato juice. But what if we told you that one bar is flipping the script on the Bloody Mary by making it as clear as crystal.

At fable, a craft drinkery in the city of Cape Town, bar chefs are doing just that with a cocktail they are calling karoo beauty. In essence, a bloody mary that uses clarified tomato juice as its base ingredient.

karoo beauty was created by fable’s chief Josh Sarembock and forms part of an entire line of storytelling cocktails. Seeing as the bar is named after fictional tales, all of the drinks, too, represent myths and folklore of the Mother City and the Republic of South Africa.

Can cocktails tell stories? Josh Sarembock’s cocktails do!

The twist of fable’s clear bloody mary comes from the use of tomato water instead of tomato juice. Essentially, freshly juiced tomatoes are brought to a simmer in a pot and then strained through a coffee filter to catch the sediment. The resulting liquid is clear tomato water and the base of the karoo beauty. The rest of the drink is made from absolut vodka, jalapeño vinaigrette, celery, bitters, lemon and pink peppercorn.

fable serves karoo beauty in a highball glass and tops the transparent drink with vine cherry tomatoes that are blowtorched to blister the skin.

As far as the story goes, it’s best to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Developed to appeal to all senses, other potions with a tale at fable are the albatross rock, the adamastor and the kronendal lovers.

With an unusual take on cocktails and country literature of a rainbow nation, fable allows gastronomes to escape to a place where the art of choosing, mixing and drinking extraordinary cocktails is celebrated.