Whitney Houston may have died of alcohol and prescription drugs

It is believed that Whitney Houston may have died after consuming a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol, rather than drowning in the bath. 

Officials informed the singer’s family that she did not have enough water in her lngs to immediately conclude that drowning was the cause of death. The fact that she had taken a combination of the sedative Xanax and other prescription drugs with alcohol, means that she could have died before her head went under the water.

According to the Telegraph, Houston had drunk alcohol shortly before getting into the bath. Photographs of her room, obtained by TMZ, showed her final meal which included an opened Heineken can and an empty glass of champagne. She also had a hamburger, and took a turkey sandwich and jalapeno peppers on a tray with her into the bathroom, apparently intending to eat them in the bath.

A police source told celebrity website TMZ it was possible Houston suffered a heart attack caused by a reaction to medication, but it was too early to definitively decide what killed her.