Who’s Who on the Creation Crew

In this new series we take pleasure in featuring the members of the Creation team who play such a vital role in the success of the estate. Enter Creation Head Chef:  Jaco Grové. 

Why did you become a chef?

The inspiration definitely came from my mother and sister who are phenomenal bakers. Since I can remember there was always something nice to eat at home. As youngsters my sister and I would play ‘bake-bake’, concocting all sorts of eats – especially on Saturdays when Mom and Dad were at work. More often than not our creations came out ok; at other times … well … the family dog didn’t seem to mind it too much!

But seriously: I was taught from a young age to appreciate food and among the gems on my mom’s menu were her monkey gland lamb chops and her ‘boontjiesop’ on those cold winter days. 

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