Why Andrew Lloyd Webber Chose Hong Kong

Ahead of next week’s auction of his personal wine collection Sotheby’s Hong Kong, British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the joys of collecting and the sorrows that will come with parting with his favorite bottles.

“I went down [to the cellar] the other day and said: ‘Are we supposed to be having a sale?’” he told reporter Will Lyons. “The trouble is if you once fall in love with wine, you are not necessarily rational. Somebody will ring up and say, ‘Andrew, for God’s sake, there is a really good parcel of so and so I think you should buy,’ and I always say yes. But there comes a time when you ask, ‘Am I realistically going to drink this all myself?’ And over the last few years there has been a realization that I am not going to get through all of it.”

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