Why Booze Delivery Apps are the next big thing

Over the last year a crop of booze delivery apps—from Drizly to MiniBar to Swill—have sprung up, begging the question: Why now? Will Gordon ponders the boom’s merits and future.

Anyone who’s ever offered a cat $20 to please, please, please, just bring me a cup of coffee in bed, I feed you every single day and I really need a little help before I can face this particular Tuesday knows how hard it can be to get precious liquids delivered. And while it’s still tough to find good help at 7 a.m., a slew of new booze delivery apps have arrived to provide drinkers with an errand-free transition into happy hour.

From Drizly in Boston and New York to Lasso in San Francisco and Los Angeles—with Booze Carriage, Minibar, DrinkDrivers and Swill among the competition quenching thirsts in between—a growing population of city livers with smart phones, credit cards and between 30 and 60 minutes’ worth of patience can now do their booze shopping without the indignity of leaving the futon.

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