Why dry white wine doesn`t end up on your thighs

According to Drinkaware, a pint of lager is often only as calorific as a slice of pizza, which would mean wading through a lot of liquid before you got to the equivalent of a full wheel. But let’s consider wine, which mostly has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) than beer.

Alcohol itself is pretty calorie-dense, containing seven calories a gram, compared with the pathetic four calories a gram in protein and fat.

When it comes to wine, there are calories in the alcohol and calories in any sugar that might be added or left over after fermentation. Therefore, wine made from red grapes that have basked all summer under a hot sun, so the level of sugar in the grapes rises and rises, and are picked with a potential ABV of 15% or 16%, is going to be more calorific than a fresh, dry white from a chilly part of the world.

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