Why Hemp Cream Is Popular Right Now

The hemp plant is currently a hot topic in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic world. Often confused by many as weed, this is a fast-growing Cannabis Sativa species grown mainly for industrial use. It has been in use for ages but only became legalized for use and growing in the US in 2018. The FDA also approved it but recommended having more research done for a conclusive report. Creams infused with hemp seed oil, hemp oil, and CBD from the hemp plant have seen their demand skyrocket. Firms are working around the clock to release products and tap into this new market. Reasons why these creams are popular right now include:

Management of Psoriasis

Psoriasis, an untreatable condition that causes skin cells to multiply rapidly, leaves you with bumps, red scars, and itchy skin. Using a hemp cream helps reduce the inflammation and pain it causes. Hemp contains cannabinoids that interact with the ECS receptors to help alleviate pain. Additionally, it contains fatty acids that help build a firmer skin that blocks out yeast growth and bacterial infection.

Management of Psoriasis-Arthritis

An advanced Polaris stage causes psoriasis arthritis, which affects the bones, muscles, and joints. Rubbing the cream on the affected area helps relieve the pain and sensation. Since it is hard to tell which cream contains medicinal CBD, only buy from trusted producers who can prove their adherence. However, if you are expected to take a drug test soon, stay away from the cream. Due to lack of regulation, some creams might have a higher THC percentage than what is indicated.

Management of Eczema and Dermatitis Effects

A person suffering from eczema has dry skin that gets inflamed easily. The skin also gets patches and, more often than not, looks dehydrated. Atopic dermatitis also has the same effects but also gets itchy when exposed to the sun. Using a cream infused with hemp helps improve the development of the skin and hydration. It contains Omega 3 and 6 that helps restore healthier skin. The cream does not clog, and this reduces the chances of getting acne. The pores and sebaceous gland pores usually work. It also contains vitamin E that works by nourishing the skin, and this helps it regenerate quickly.

Helps fight acne

You are likely to get acne with or without sensitive skin due to hormonal reactions or clogged pores. Cream with hemp does not clog and has antibacterial properties that reduce infections. It also contains fatty acids that hydrate the skin and forms a protective layer preventing dirt from getting in the pores. It also helps regenerate the skin and get rid of dead skin that clogs pores after flaking.

Tattoos Aftercare

Tattoos have gained popularity, and to many people, they have become memory spots. To get one, your skin gets insertions. The insertions are not only painful; they irritate the skin. Applying a cream with hemp helps reduce inflammation and pain. It also helps form a coat that protects the skin from bacteria and dirt before the skin heals. Its moisturizing capabilities help reduce scabies and prevents scratching. A layer of cream on the tattoo also slows down the fading process, especially when in contact with water or under the sun long enough. However, avoid those with tetracannibol (TCH) as it can get into your bloodstream and leave you high.

As an Anti-Aging Solution

The skin ages as you do, but you can control the rate of aging that shows up in your complexion. Environmental aggressors and lifestyle also affect how fast your skin ages. Making this cream part of your routine can help reduce aging. Hemp contains vitamins that rejuvenate the skin and forms a barrier to protect you from harsh externalities. Its ability to hydrate the skin helps fight wrinkles and boosts elasticity. Applying it around the eyes helps fight dark circles that show fatigue. When combined with other products, the cream also reduces discoloration, which gives you glowing and younger-looking skin.


Previously, getting a bottle of hemp oil or cream would cost an arm and a leg, but today that has changed. You can easily buy one over the counter without ruining your account. The approval by many countries to plant hemp has also helped meet the demand. However, to ensure you only use the best, consider creams that use organic and Non-GMO hemp. With the options available in the market currently, you have the option of even getting gluten-free, THC free and Soy free creams at no extra cost.

Multiple Use

The creams have become a saving option for many as you can get one to do all. The cream can relieve pain, moisturize, hydrate, and treat skin conditions. Additionally, a pea-size goes a long way, and you get to save on other items.