Why Jim Beam Is Running Snapchat Ads to Launch a New Apple-Flavored Bourbon

Snapchat is a risky place for alcohol brands to play.

Sixty-three percent of its monthly users are between the ages of 13 and 24, leaving a small pocket of people who are over 21. But that group of legal-age users still includes millions of millennials who use Snapchat every day, which is why the messaging app is Jim Beam’s top marketing priority this fall.

The liquor player is running video ads within a bevy of Live Stories, the chains of photos and videos Snapchat curates at events, through October to promote Jim Beam Apple. Over the recent Labor Day weekend, for example, 10-second promos showing a drink being poured and swirled over ice ran alongside user-generated clips of people celebrating the holiday.

“It’s a great reach for millennial targets—right now, it’s a white space for us,” said Brittney Duncan, U.S. media manager at Beam Suntory, Jim Beam’s parent company. “It’s not cluttered with ads, which allows us to have a high-impact [campaign].”

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