Why Marijuana And Wine Are Better Friends Than Competitors

When The New York Times wine critic writes a lengthy piece regarding the budding friendship between cannabis and wine, the times may be a-changin’. Eric Asimov wrote this week regarding the intersection between marijuana and wine, which is deeper and robust than you might suppose.

This comes in conjunction with a study stating that in states with legalized recreational cannabis—Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—beer sales have “collectively underperformed.” In other words, legal weed has, as Asimov wrote, led “some in the alcohol industry to regard it as a threat to their profit margin.

The fine wine industry, however, has not panicked. Despite occasional efforts to pit wine and weed against each other, many in the wine business exude an air of mellow acceptance that the two substances can coexist in harmony. 

As Asimov pinpoints, there is an appreciation for cannabis that stems from a similar vein as wine seekers and craft beer enthusiasts. How certain weeds deliver a different type of high or how consuming it as an edible versus a vape could impact the experience or how all this can combine with food. And how, it could pair with wine, which will be just one topic of conversation at the upcoming Wine & Weed Symposium.

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