Why Soft Drinks Brands Worldwide Are Eager to Sponsor Soccer Clubs

Sports events are known to have a special appeal that cuts across continental borders. Sport knows no religion or race, and it does not speak any language. Soccer, in particular, is watched across the globe by billions of people from all walks of life, and also happens to be the most lucrative sport of them all. Unsurprisingly, it attracts a lot of interest from the corporate world who are willing to pen down bumper sponsorship deals. Soft drinks brands have been looking to tie down deals with big soccer clubs in the world, and here, we look at some of the possible reasons.

Announcing the brand to the people

Soccer tournaments and domestic leagues have the biggest TV audience in the world, and it is a little wonder these beverage manufacturing companies are so eager to get involved in matters to do with these clubs. The English Premier League, for example, is broadcast in all continents, recently hitting the 4 billion mark in TV audience alone. It is also the most attractive league for Betway soccer betting due to its large outreach. With online streaming on the rise, the number is expected to shoot significantly over the next few years. 

The FIFA World Cup, the most watched event on the globe has no equal when it comes to viewership. A lot of money is spent on sponsorship and marketing deals, and that is due to the number of people who get to receive the message.

Brand recognition

Having your brand appearing on a team shirt, or on a big stadium week in, week out is a major plus for any soft drinks brand. It is certainly an effective method of getting broadcast to the people affiliated to the game and getting your brand recognized. It comes naturally that fans love the things that tend to identify with the sport, and that makes marketing easier on the part of the manufacturing companies. 

Also, when soft drinks brands partner with soccer clubs, they encourage responsible fanatism that is free from violence linked with alcohol. With different cultures opposed to alcoholism, soft drinks brands have an upper hand because they are widely accepted.

A new powerful marketing tool

Soccer has a lot of potential. From fans betting on soccer matches with Betway to brands sponsoring individual players on events. The idea of billboards and crafty marketing on the streets is outdated, and these soft drinks brands could feel that partnering with top soccer clubs gives the fans some sense of ownership. Fans love associating with anything that offers to support the development of soccer, and they will readily align with any brand that does exactly that.

World popular soft drinks brand Coca Cola, for example, has been a major sponsor of the FIFA World Cup for many years, and the fans already know that. The consistency at which the company has maintained its partnership with the soccer governing body in organizing soccer tournaments across the globe has not gone unnoticed. The success, and the potential in soccer has brought forth even more brands to register interest in sponsoring soccer clubs.