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Why The Tonic Water You Use In A Gin Matters

13 gins, four East Imperial tonic waters, 26 bars with signature gin and tonics vying for the title of Kuala Lumpur’s Best Gin And Tonic.

This year’s East Imperial Gin Jubilee 2019 is back and bigger than ever, and gin lovers are certainly spoilt for choice.

This year, the focus is very much on how East Imperial’s tonic waters pair with the 13 different gins.

“For this year’s Gin Jubilee, we wanted the drinks to highlight the importance of a good quality tonic water in a gin and tonic, and we’re proud to say that each and every one of the 26 drinks have accomplished that goal,” said Shawn Samuel, managing director of Wholly Spirits, the organisers of the Gin Jubilee in KL.

Indeed, the gin and tonic may seem like an easy cocktail to make, but there are certain elements of the drink that you need to be aware of.

First of all, the ratio of gin to tonic. Depending on how strong you like your drinks, you can choose between one to three parts of gin to go with three parts of tonic.

However, much depends on the gin and tonic water you are using. There is no point buying an expensive premium gin if you are only going to mix it with a mainstream tonic water bought off the shelf at the supermarket. Many of these tonic waters contain a high amount of citric acid that gives it that highly bitter, citrusy note that most people associate with tonic water.

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