Why The Ultimate Breakfast Of Champions Might Just Be Wine And Cheese

The trend for pairing booze and breakfast seems unusual – and likely to get you sacked. But in certain settings, with certain foods, it starts to make sense.

It’s hard to find a compelling argument against drinking wine with your breakfast, although writing this a little bit drunk, as I am now, is one.

In the past few weeks, a movement of pairing wine with “unusual things” has been doing the rounds online. One beauty site suggested pairings for wine and face masks – say, a clarifying clay with a verdant white – although the trend’s most accessible offshoot, which comes from New York magazine, is about pairing wines with breakfast sandwiches. It’s less about getting smashed and more about expanding your vinic horizons. Or, in my case, having a negligible amount of riesling with some heavily salted avocado on toast and seeing how the day unfolds.

The easiest way to try this out without getting sacked is to not drink too much, or do it on holiday. But where to start? Jade Koch, wine supplier to London’s award-winning pasta restaurant Trullo, offers some hard-and-fast rules: “You want to pair something acidic with something fatty, like a sparkling wine with a fry up. Or something sweet with something salty, like a moscato, which is sweet and low in alcohol, with bacon.”

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