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Why you should never refill your water bottle

A human can go more than three weeks without food. But water? A week is the absolute maximum we can last without it.

Being composed of roughly 60 per cent water, and given how we lose around three to four litres a day through sweat, urine and breathing, staying hydrated is of paramount importance to us.

In our quest to drink the recommended two litres of water a day, we all do what we can. Including utilising water bottles.

Many of us will buy a bottle of water, then hang on to it, refilling it and using it throughout the day. Good for the environment and the pocket, right?

Well, yes. But it’s also bad news for your health – roughly on par with licking an old, used dog toy. THAT bad.

H2 No

Whether you’re at work, school or exercising, your trusty reusable drinking receptacle could be heaving with thousands of bacteria which thrive off moisture.

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