Wild Cocktails Named After Cats And Dogs

It’s the season to be furry, fluffy and hairy so lift your glasses, pet your pugs and kitties and toast to the kingdom of animals as you sip on classic cocktails named after cats and dogs.

1. Black Cat Cocktail

If it’s Friday the 13th, even if you don’t really believe all the superstitions, you might get out of a black cat’s way on this day. We’re not superstitious but we do love any reason to try out a new cocktail. This Friday the 13th, actually enjoy your run-in with a black cat or two in the form of a cocktail.

2. Meowtini 

A Martini made with catitude! The Meowtini pays homage to Bond villain Stavro Blofeld’s cat, the first White Persian to appear in a James Bond 007 film. Ever since the use of a white cat to characterize villains has become iconic.

3. Hair of the Dog

No, dog hair is NOT an effective morning-after cocktail remedy but drink enough Hair of the Dog cocktails and you WILL get a b*tch of a hangover. It’s the circle of drunk life. The Hair of the Dig cocktail calls for 6 oz gin, ½ oz lemon juice, a dash or two of Tabasco sauce and a chili pepper garnish. Here’s lookin’ at you, kitten!

The term “hair of the dog” derives from an old Scottish folk cure for rabies that involved applying some “hair of the dog that bit you” to the wound. Sounds legit… also sounds like the old Scottish folks who came up with that “treatment” likely did so after imbibing a few old Scotch’s.

4. Salty Dog

You don’t have to play Procol Harum while drinking a Salty Dog, though your appreciation for their classic rock album might well grow as one becomes “progressively” more inebriated. Salty Dog cocktails are about as easy to make as they are to drink: mix gin or vodka with grapefruit juice and drink out of a salt-rimmed highball glass. On a sodium-restricted diet? No worries, you can still get your dog on since a Salty Dog sans the salted glass rim is known as a Greyhound.

5. Lint Roller Cocktail

For cat and dog lovers, pet hair is a fact of life. Whether your kitty has short or long hair or something in between, the right lint roller will pick it up off your clothes and furniture to keep things looking purrfect! The Lint Roller Cocktail is dedicated to the no-more-hair-on-the-chair movement and honours the handy cleaning gadget.