Wild Turkey And Matthew McConaughey Give Thanks To Local Legends In The UK

Bourbon brand Wild Turkey and its creative director Matthew McConaughey are celebrating and giving thanks to ‘local legends’ who have stepped up to help their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Local Legends, in the US and around the world, were recognised by Wild Turkey as part of its annual With Thanks campaign, which aims to give back to the communities it serves. 

As part of the global campaign, Wild Turkey highlighted the work of The Drinks Trust in the UK. Since the pandemic began, it has given financial help to more than 4,000 workers in the drinks and hospitality industry, offered its support to wellbeing programmes for industry staff, and provided practical and vocational advice.

Wild Turkey gave its thanks to The Drinks Trust and bestowed on it the title of Local Legend in the UK.

Matthew McConaughey said: “The pandemic has affected all of us, so it feels more important than ever to recognise the unsung heroes who have consistently and steadfastly supported their neighbours and their communities.”

Wild Turkey’s master distiller, Eddie Russell, said: “It’s often during the most challenging times that you see extraordinary acts of kindness and a commitment to help those in need. Wild Turkey was founded on community and we’re grateful to work with Matthew to celebrate and lift up those who go above and beyond for their hometowns.” 

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