Will Coffee Replace Tea As Britain’s Hot Beverage Of Choice?

On Wednesday, I had a small hit of life going back to normal. My favourite local independent coffee shop reopened – serving coffees and home-baked cookies out of a makeshift window hatch.

The owner has adapted somewhat to keep afloat, by delivering cookies in the local area at the weekends while practicing social distancing.

Seeing him in the shop, making my flat white after a catch-up, was genuinely a little emotional. Knowing it had survived gave me just a little slither of optimism about small businesses and the future.

The last time I had seen him was mid-March, my first day of working from home and me stating: I’ll be back every day you’re open for my caffeine fix.

Then lockdown happened and the shutters came down. Commentator’s curse.

Having that coffee this week made a small part of me feel the finger on the pandemic pause button had been lifted, albeit gently. 

It appears I’m not alone in missing my takeaway coffee fix, with social media awash of people happy to see their local barista back in action. 

A survey of 4,000 consumers by Allegra revealed that going to coffee shops was second only to seeing friends and family as the most missed social activity since coronavirus lockdown began.

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