Wine and Pizza keep cricketer Dale Steyn pumped up

Dale Steyn is as light-hearted off the field as he is intense with ball in hand. For a man whose furrowed brow at the top of his mark can make batsmen involuntarily feel for the ball outside off, he is endearingly goofy in person, laughing at himself, deflecting praise and letting his thoughts tumble out. He even uses the word “rad”.

But while Steyn is an outdoors type whose fitness levels can encompass takeaway pizza or the odd McFlurry, he revealed that some of the players have a slightly more refined way of passing the time in Bangladesh.

“It’s been so difficult. We have a wine club, we meet every now and then and have one or two glasses of vino,” he said, without divulging who was most likely to become a sommelier as a second career. “We’ve got a movie club, we have a big team room at the hotel, so we get in there, whether playing poker or watching movies or things like that. We’re not really allowed to leave the hotel much. There’s a Pizza Hut across the road. I’ve never eaten so much pizza in my life.”