Wine and yoga can help get you pregnant?

A new study has shown that there might be a stronger connection between stress and conception than we once thought. A relaxing tipple might actually be the key.

Although the exact reason isn’t known, it seems logical that stress and the worry of trying to get pregnant may be contributing factors in why some women can’t conceive.

During an Ohio University study, there was nothing to suggest that the “stressed” women taking part in the study weren’t ovulating, as they all had normal menstrual cycles and fertility.

Comparing with “non-stressed” ladies who were half as likely to have conceived, they suggested those who practice stress-management techniques like yoga and meditation “might shorten the time they need to become pregnant”.

This adds to growing evidence that stressing out about getting pregnant may be a big problem when it comes to conceiving.

A young doctor has also suggested in the British Medical Journal, reports the Telegraph, that half a bottle of Merlot might have the same effect, after trying to conceive for a whopping 18 months, while not drinking any alcohol.

One night after a couple of well-deserved glasses of wine and in a suitably chilled mood, she conceived. She realised that going to bed sober must have been the main obstacle in becoming pregnant.