Wine Drinkers Prefer Twitter Over Facebook

In a recent survey by Zephyr Adventures, along with partner Foodista, 1400 bloggers crowned twitter as the biggest audience for beer, wine, and fitness bloggers.

Food bloggers had the most followers on Facebook and then Google Plus.

Almost all bloggers engage in social media to promote their blogs and many indicate social media is an important indicator of how they judge success. In terms of engagement, Twitter again leads with between 84% and 91% of lifestyle bloggers using it

Facebook is next with a substantial majority of bloggers using it to promote their blogs. Pinterest presents a difference among lifestyle bloggers. It is understandable that food bloggers participate in Pinterest, since “food porn” are an excellent way to share. Interestingly, fitness bloggers have also picked up on Pinterest while beer and wine bloggers (who wants to share a picture of a beer?) lag behind.

wine social media usage

Percentage of Bloggers Using Social Media

Over 85% of beer, wine, and fitness bloggers are employed full time, either with a company or self-employed. Only food bloggers had a good portion outside the employment world, with 8% stay-at-home parents (itself a job!), 5% unemployed, and 5% students. Only wine bloggers had any significant portion of retirees, at 6%.

Wine bloggers are the most experienced group among our survey respondents, with 77% have been blogging at least two years and a full one in five having been blogging for more than six years. There are veteran wine bloggers out there with some great staying power. While food blogging is a veteran pastime as well, a full 21% of food blogger respondents indicated they have been writing for less than one year.