Wine Ice Cream and Milkshakes Are Now A Thing

Wine is good. Ice cream is good. Now there’s something new — a combination of wine and ice cream that MTV calls “winescream” in their article about the wine ice cream that can get folks buzzed.

In the piece, MTV points to Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, a Boonville, New York-based store that even ships their goodies to other locations and warns that folks who want to partake in the wine-ice cream phenomenon must be 21 years of age or older.

Although Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream features a delightful-sounding array of wine ice cream flavors — such as cherry merlot, chocolate cabernet, peach white zinfandel, port, red raspberry chardonnay, riesling, spice and strawberry sparkling — as well as boasts of plenty of mentions in magazines, they aren’t the only winemaking ice cream people in the game.

The Green Creek Winery in Columbus, North Carolina, has also perfected wine ice cream, reports Greenville News, after a reporter received an email from Alvin Pack boasting of his winery being only one of possibly two in the whole country that has found the right combination of wine to infuse within ice cream, allowing the concoction to still freeze correctly.