Wine in a Keg is the New Green Trend

A new green trend has entered the wine industry. Restaurants across the world are pouring wine in a new way: from a tap.

Wine in a keg is not a new idea. In Europe, kegged wine has a long history. Now, American restaurants are catching on to the trend, largely in response to customer demand for more eco-friendly wine.

One keg of wine holds the equivalent of 26 bottles. Each one of those bottles uses up a lot of resources, in its glass, corkamorimcork Wine in a Keg is the New Green Trend
by Amorim Cork
, foil, paper labels, and the cases and pallets it is stored in. Kegs, by contrast, don’t need much packaging, and can be reused for 20 years or more. Over its lifetime, a keg eliminates the need for 3,000 bottles.

Transporting kegs instead of bottles leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Kegs reduce wine’s weight, which accounts for one third to one half of transportation carbon emissions in the wine industry. And since it is often small, boutique wineries that offer wines by the keg, using kegged wine encourages restaurants to get their wines locally, further reducing transportation carbon emissions.