Wine Leathers from Spain

SPANISH WINEWARE is the sole importer of one of the oldest and most trusted traditional Wine Leathers producers in Spain.

Our Spanish Wine Leathers have a wide range of products, shapes and presentations that make it suitable for your company.  With the addition of your logo, it makes an effective marketing tool for sales in your wine shop or sold together with a bottle of your wine for the consumer to transfer the wine into the wine skin. Thus keeping you name long after the wine has been consumed. It’s the perfect gift for corporate clients and can be used for hiking, cycling, fishing,festivals and braais!

spanish wine bags Wine Leathers from Spain

The wine skin was used traditionally by herders to transport wine. Today it is still used for wine and other beverages to be drunk and transported hands free. It is a unique and hygienic way of sharing a beverage as lips are not to touch the drinking spout.

Our Spanish Wine Leathers maker Jesus Blasco, with more than a century of experience in the craft, continues to develop skins and hides in the traditional way, adding new elements that enhance and facilitate the use of these ancient vessels in exclusivity for SPANISH WINEWARE in South Africa. Jesus has adapted his wine skins by adding a Special LATEX lining to the wineskin allowing it to be used for all kinds of drinks.

wine gift Wine Leathers from SpainThe natural tanning of the goatskin, waterproof stitching, natural resin interior and the Bakelite cap provide the most environmentally friendly vessel for containing liquids.

The retail price range goes from R 330. Discounted rate on bulk orders!!

For more in contact and to place your order:

Jose Luis Gomez

073 366 2349