Wine Milkshakes to freak out about

Most people do not need a definition for the doughnut. They know it, they (usually) love it and as it has recently gained a new wave of celebrity, they regularly opt for it with a cup of coffee.

Tried a doughnut with wine? This is a tougher one to pull off, but never one to shy away from a challenge, Leopard’s Leap introduced a decadent doughnut and wine pairing, successfully combining sugar-and-spice sprinkled doughnuts with the 2016 Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay Pinot Noir!

As America will be celebrating Doughnut Day on 2 June, we decided to shake things up! Introducing the Freak Shake version of one of our popular wine cocktails, we stacked it high with doughnuts and absolutely fell in love with the combination.

Try the easy recipe below, decorate your doughnuts and enjoy as an alternative sundowner, fun dessert or deserved indulgence.

Leopard’s Leap Strawberry Freak Shake

For the strawberry syrup

250 g strawberries

100 ml Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay/Pinot Noir

Leave the strawberries in the wine overnight and blend.

For the milkshake

4 scoops vanilla ice-cream

100 ml Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay/Pinot Noir

Blend the milkshake ingredients.

Garnish with a doughnut, gummy bears and hundreds and thousands.

Drizzle with the strawberry syrup.