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Wine of the week: KWV The Mentors Semillon

KWV The Mentors Sémillon 2010

There is the old and there is the new. Defenestrated is the idea that you drink only white with fish seafood and chicken and red with red meats.  No Rosé drinking in winter, nor white, nor red in Summer.

KWV throws all these ideas into sheer confusion.  There are some lovely delicate reds in the stable which could do with a bit of a chilling and go wonderfully with seared tuna or ceviche.  Whites, bold wooded Chardonnays take to veal and pork like ducks to water.

I had the pleasure of tasting back three vintages of KWV The Mentors Semillon recently, the 2010, the 2011 and the 2012.  The earliest vintage, the 2010 was in fine fettle with another myth busted – that you have to drink Cape wines while they are young.

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