Wine Temperature Guide

GN Dynamic Sources brings you an amazing tool that will enhance your wine drinking experience. It’s a Wine Temperature Guide. The PVC strip is strapped around the body of the bottle with Velcro and after a few seconds the LCD screen indicates the temperature of your wine.

We have designed the product to include the varietals that are South African-specific, such as Pinotage and Méthode Cap Classic (MCC) as well as other popular cultivars such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, along with red blends and white blends. We offer our product in some exciting colours; deep maroon, bottle green, royal blue, silver grey.

So it not only tells you what the actual temperature of your wine is, but will also indicate the different temperatures at which each specific type of wine should be enjoyed. There is also an indication of “room temperature” and the ideal storage temperature for your wine.

Why do I need this you might ask? The taste of the wine with all the individual characteristics and flavours is greatly enhanced by drinking it at the right temperature. You might also not be aware of the difference that the correct temperature would make to your drinking pleasure.

We would like to make it our aim to educate you with this knowledge so that you can appreciate your wine to the full every single time. Red wines should be consumed slightly chilled as the South African “room temperature” is just too warm.

Similarly with white wine, their optimum drinking pleasure is greatly enhanced at different temperatures. We sometimes leave our white wines in an ice bucket until it is well below its optimum drinking temperature, thereby reducing the effect of the various characteristics that make the various cultivars so different and enjoyable.

For our customers that are in the wine, restaurant and retail industry this product will prove to be invaluable to your customer’s tasting experience. Besides the useful function of the Wine Temperature Guide, it can also serve as an advertising tool as it can be branded with logos, website information, contact details, etc. Furthermore, the packaging
can have additional information and advertising strategies printed onto it for maximum effect.

To place your order and be one of the first people in the country to have this useful product and wonderful marketing tool, please contact us at or phone Gino on 0767591504.