Wines for your Year End Function

The year is drawing to a close and office parties are being organised to send off staff on a jolly note. But what is a good send off without some celebratory vino?

If you’re having a year end function soon, there’s bound to be wine, which means you’re bound to have a list of questions that need answering: How much do you need? Will red or white go better with your food? What kind of glasses should you use?

Fear not, 5ounces have got you covered.

How many bottles do you buy for a party?

  • First, figure that one bottle of wine will fill four to six glasses.
  • At a party where people drink mostly wine, plan on about three glasses per person.
  • Always keep some extra bottles on hand, just in case.

What to you serve as guests arrive?

  • Sparkling wine and MCC’s are festive and can be found in all price ranges.
  • Moscato, a great sparkling wine from Italy, is highly affordable and is slightly sweet, making it a great aperitif.
  • Rosé or Blanc de Noir wines are perfect for everything from brunch to a formal dinner and are usually inexpensive.
  • Recommended wines from 5ounces for bewteen R60 to R100 per bottle:

― Kumkani Infiniti brut MCC 2007
― Hoopenburg Integer Brut MCC NV