Woman caught with bottle of vodka inside a giant sandwich at event

Security at the Southwell Racecourse near Nottinghamshire, England, found more than what they’ve bargained for when an ambitious race-goer tried to smuggle a bottle of vodka into the event inside a massive sandwich.

Racecourse told The Sun that they’ve never had anyone use such an innovative way to sneak in alcohol.

Only alcohol purchased at the racecourse is allowed to be consumed on site but the sandwich-smuggler hollowed out a roll to take the booze into Sunday’s Ladies Day, the racecourse’s biggest event of the year.

Posting a picture of the offending sandwich on Twitter, the racecourse warned future punters seeking to smuggle in booze “you hide it, we find it!”

Responding to the racecourse’s tweet asking for witty strapline suggestions, Twitter users were shocked and amused in equal measure.

Peter Sweeting wrote: “Unbelievable how desperate some folks are to drink.”

With other users seeing the funny side, Adrian Coulson joked “I’ll have a vodka sandwich…buttered not stirred.”