Woman invents coffee for dogs and calls it “Rooffee”

A woman in Lithuania invented a coffee to be consumed by dogs and if that’s not alarming enough, the brand’s name is “Rooffee” — which sounds uncomfortably similar to the shortened term for infamous date-rape drug rohypnol, also known as “roofie.”

According to Rooffee creator and former model Agota Jakutyte, the branding is simply a sad accident.

“Maybe because I do not watch TV, or read our local papers, I haven’t heard about roofie before,” she told Vice in an email. “I simply combined ROOTS + COFFEE… That’s how the name ROOFFEE was born.”

To address the obvious fact that coffee is not healthy for dogs (it can induce vomiting, cause seizures, and even kill your pet), Rooffee does not actually contain any. It is made with herbs and vegetables, including dandelion root, hawthorn, chicory, burdock, and carrots. The product’s press release claims that this recipe will provide better digestive and immune systems, a stronger heart, and healthier skin. It can even be consumed by humans.