Woman Wine Competition Trounces Male Rights

The famous film reviewer Joe Bob Briggs had a golden rule regarding actresses. “Never judge actresses by their acting talents, but by the size of their hooters.”

Rubbish – what about calves, thighs and that cute little piece of neck-skin rising up from the cleavage?

If you take the trouble of having a contest for woman only, looks and a cute personality have to be taken into account, if not determining the end result. This is why this year’s Woman Winemaker of the Year Competition was so disappointing.

In the past, the ladies entering were urged to take ownership of their womanhood. They had to go through a set of interviews talking about woman and wine. Then the finalists were presented to those attending the event where the SA Woman Winemaker of the Year was crowned. This gave attendees chance of checking out the talent as the organisers took a page out of the Miss Langkloof Pageant by having the ladies parade up  and down the venue before announcing the winner.

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