Wooden bottle that makes cheap booze taste like vintage wine

A simple wooden bottle that can ‘age’ cheap booze in less than a day, could make humble plonk taste like vintage wine, inventors claim.

While expensive vintages develop their flavour over years in oak barrels, the makers of the Oak Bottle promise their gadget will replicate the ageing process in just 24 hours.
It means drinks lovers could enjoy the oaky flavours of premium tipples without having to fork out the high prices they demand.

All users need to do is pour their favourite wines in the bottle, which is made of sustainably sourced American oak, and then leave it for up to two days to take on the flavour of the receptacle.
The bottle, which costs $79.99 (£50) from oakbottle.com, can also be used to improve the flavours of brandies, bourbons and even tequila.

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