World first sparkling Cognac looking for Australian supplier

A company claiming to have produced the world’s first sparkling Cognac is looking for local distributors in the Australian market.

Produced by Helene Raffin, Marquee Sparkling is 12 per cent ABV and packaged in a 750ml bottle. It was recently launched at the ProWein trade exhibition in Dusseldorf.

According to 5th generation Cognac Master Blender, Bernard Laclie, distributors are currently being sought for the product globally, including Australia.

“We only use the highest quality grapes from the vineyards surrounding the family distillery where Cognac has been produced since 1889,” Laclie said.

“Marquee Sparkling Eau De Vie has been distilled in copper pot stills and blended with water naturally filtered through Champagne Limestone and carefully distilled according to the uncompromising tradition of France’s Cognac Region.

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