World’s Fastest Man unveils new Champagne at Africa’s Richest Race Day

On 26 January 2019, the Sun Met (Formally known as the J&B Met), which is celebrated with Mumm champagne, brought racing enthusiasts and the high-fashion-conscious glitterati together to partake and join in the celebration of Africa’s Richest Race Day. Race-day-goers experienced world-class horse racing entertainment in true equestrian-inspired elegance.

This past weekend saw the now retired ‘fastest-man-alive’ make a dramatic helicopter entrance, his second year attending this grand affair. Usain Bolt expressed his love for Cape Town, during the reveal of his latest success story. Bolt has been the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of G. H. Mumm for the past two years and he has also been working tirelessly alongside the acclaimed Maison Mumm to bring along with him the reveal of the new Mumm Olympe Rosé.

After the ‘baller’-arrival of the Olympic sprinter at the Kenilworth Racecourse, the Paddock Club was filled with excitement as Bolt made his entrance. The VIP area was filled by an entourage of security-detail, photographers, friends and promo girls in short red dresses – to match the iconic red ribbon which is set in the avant-garde design mastered by Ross Lovegrove. The LED lit-up bottle is made from recycled materials and the super-athlete’s name is inscribed in gold letters on the glass. The neck collar sports the initials ‘O.R.’, denoting the name of the cuvee, as well as the French word for gold.

The content, as described by the global business mogul; “It’s a sweet champagne that defies convention and breaks new grounds – two things that Maison Mumm and myself have in common.” This champagne is characterized by the intensity of Pinot Noir (52%), which is the signature grape varietal of Maison Mumm. The Pinot Noir is selected from some of the most prestigious crus (which refers to a village or a plot in the Champagne region of France). The grape varietal dominates the fruit aromas of Pinot Meunier (22%) and the delicate nature of Chardonnay (26%). The notes of vanilla and caramel are present in this lively and fresh champagne which is ideal for celebrations. Mumm has been known as the Champagne of Victory with involvement in sports events like the Formula One and the Melbourne Cup.

During the first meeting between the producers of the number-three-bestselling champagne globally and the nine-time Olympic Gold Medallist; when they were deciding on the direction with the project, Bolt enquired of the possibility to create a champagne which holds certain characteristics of a Cognac; a mixture which is apparently popular in Jamaica. The result was achieved by aging the Liqueur de Dosage (A solution of base wine and sugar) in Cognac Barrels. The result is liquid gold with a sugar content of 28g/L.

The celebration continued well into the evening, with Mumm Olympe Rosé bottles lighting up the ambient-lit venue, and the nectar held in the designer bottle flowing freely among the celebrity-saturated group of ‘Invite Only’ guests. Bolt, along with his posse, performed a well-choreographed dance routine to some of South Africa’s most celebrated GQOM music.

Mum’s the word, as local distributes are awaiting the distribution plan amongst some of the Mother City’s most celebrated venues, nor what sort of price point to expect as a consumer of influencer-esque bottles of champagne, on occasion. If you do come across this gem at a Cape Town local, summons any excuse to call-to-celebrate. Life is short and this is a ‘limited edition’ project, take some tips from the man with the title as Chief Entertainment Officer and celebrate in luxurious style like a true champion – #DareWinCelebrate