World’s first 100% Agave Surfboard could mark industry change

Sustainable, rideable, and beautiful, the handcrafted 100% Agave Project from Gary Linden and Jose Cuervo makes surfing a truly organic experience.

Jose Cuervo and renowned surfboard shaper Gary Linden have partnered up to develop the world’s first surfboard made entirely from agave materials. A vision of Linden’s for 25 years, the 100% Agave Project displays how surfing can be naturally sourced and reproducible.

Linden, founder of the Big Wave World Tour and an experienced surfboard crafter was one of the first people to experiment with agave as an effective surfboard material. After visiting the Jose Cuervo distillery in Tequila, Mexico, “The Godfather of the agave surfboard” discovered all the materials he needed to perfect his craft, and began working with the brand to perfect an agave design.

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