World’s largest bourbon bar is now in Newport Kentucky

Quick – where is the world’s largest bourbon bar?

If you said, right here in Kentucky you are correct. If you also said Newport, right again.

Just a few months back, however, you would have been wrong. Then, the world’s largest bourbon bar, believe it or not, was in Tokyo.

That really bugged local attorney, Peter Newberry, who thought that it only fitting that the biggest bourbon bar on the planet ought to be where the stuff originated.

So Newberry and his wife, Kim, built it – right in the back of their recently opened Newberry Bros. Coffee, ala bar operators during Prohibition, to hide their trade in the “hard stuff.”

Today, the Prohibition Bourbon Bar, tucked surreptitiously behind the coffee establishment at Sixth and Washington in Newport, is fast becoming the go-to place for lovers of all things bourbon whiskey.

But it almost didn’t happen.