Worried about wine staining your teeth? Try Winestraws

It’s never pretty when you come home from a holiday party and look in the mirror only to realize you have red wine stain teeth, and even worse, that unattractive rim of red around your inner lips.

Horrified, you wonder why no one told you, and how long were you talking with stained teeth.

This is why many partygoers forgo their favourite reds and stick to white wine at parties. But now Californian Jenny LaFever has a solution.
Winestraws are designed specifically to be used to drink red wine from a wine glass, allowing wine lovers to imbibe “without sacrificing quality and taste, while preventing temporary and permanent wine stains.”

The 33-year-old, who lives in Orange County, gets a dozen orders (the straws come in packages of four) from Canadians each week, along with orders from Australia, England and coast to coast in America.

She sells her straws to the public, as well as to wholesalers. Both dental offices and restaurants have ordered her wine straws to have on hand, for clients and customers, who want to keep their teeth pearly white.

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