The Rompel Report: review of Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook

Cookbooks are difficult to judge as the main criteria, the smell and taste of the meals, is not transferred to the reader. A German saying goes:"the eye is also eating" - very true as I myself am very


The Rompel Report: Montreal, little Paris in Canada

  Fly into Montreal and you experience the other Canada, the French-speaking province called Quebec. No worries, you'll get away with English, but a little French might come in handy. And just like


Distell bombshell

Shares in Distell and CapeVin were initially marked down sharply on the JSE this morning after the bombshell that the Public Investment Corporation is snapping up 26.4% of the world's second larget c


Sparkly Stuff for Sheila

Happy 75th birthday to Sheila Camerer tomorrow. So what bubbly is appropriate for celebrating 3/4 of a century? My column in The Times today gives a few options. Barack Obama famously celebrated hi


Renewable Resources

My tiny organ hits gold this morning. Fairview Rose Quartz 2016 How much and where? R100; Why? Cape Town is flavour of the month for international foodies. The Spectator, new


Tractor wine

Quinta do Gradil is one of the largest bulk wine producers in Portugal. To transport their various wines they use lorries, which get personalized by the drivers. Here is Marco Treka's truck. Which


Secret weapon of Portuguese wine revealed

The summer palace of the Marquis of Pombal at the foot of the Montejunto Mountain may be a bit run down, with weeds growing in the bedrooms of the palacio in which he used to romp with his lady friend


A Portuguese Eben Sadie

Leiria is the Riebeek-Kasteel of Portuguese wine. Home to Vidigal Wines - like Boekenhoutskloof without the cliched chairs or Reg Lascaris pimping self-help books from his car boot at the Diners Club


Firestorm over Amorim Cap Classqiue judging panel

I must say the firestorm which errupted after this year's Amorim Cap Classique results was announced, passed me by. I did catch sight of the full list of scores and thought it peculiar - a point I mad


Chenin challenges Chardonnay

Our first tasting in Portugal last night of a white blend called Dory from Adega Mae confirms that SA had better pasop in the value for money stakes, the most important horse race in the wine world. F