‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Bartend In New Orleans To Promote New Mezcal Brand

Fans of the “Breaking Bad” television series lined up for nearly a block at the entrance to the Napoleon House in the French Quarter on Friday (July 19) for a chance to do a little day drinking with the crime series’ most adorable bad guys.


Inside Rockets Man Grooming Bar In Johannesburg

Laidback sophistication is at the heart of Rockets Man grooming bar, which offers men's grooming services in a contemporary cool environment.


EFF Calls For Ban On Alcohol Advertisement While Living It Up In Camps Bay

An EFF entourage that travelled to Cape Town for SONA and the subsequent parliamentary debates booked into a four-bedroom luxury Camps Bay villa priced at between R7,100 and R25,000 a night.


A Simple Reason Why Gin Sales Are Soaring Worldwide

Gin sales are booming right around the globe, and much of it can be put down to a simple, but important, trend in the market.


Paris Wine Thieves Make Off With Bottles Worth €400k-600k

Bottles stolen from cellar of Maison Rostang restaurant near Arc de Triumph


South Africa Company Makes Biodegradable Sugar Cane Bottles To Replace Plastic

Every single component, including the lid and the label, are biodegradable.


Here’€™s How Much It Costs To Open A Vida, Mugg Bean Or Bootlegger Coffee Shop

You'll have to have a minimum of R1 million up front, preferably in cash.


A Negroni a Day at these Cape Town restaurants will keep the winter at bay

From obscurity, the Negroni cocktail slid back into mainstream cocktail bars like some kind of forgotten DM.


Woman In Sunglasses Drinking Gin From Glass On Tube Goes Viral

A photo of a woman elegantly sipping what appears to be a glass of gin while wearing sunglasses on the Tube has gone viral, but sparked a warning from TfL bosses today. The passenger was hailed as


People Are Sick Of Drinking. Investors Are Betting On The Sober Curious

Getaway in Brooklyn was comfortably full for a Saturday night, when I came in to try my first "shrub" ? an acidic beverage made from vinegar, fruit, sugar, club soda and zero alcohol.

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