Big Alcohol Is Bracing For A More Sober Future

People are drinking less and less as non-alcoholic beverages flood the market. Now the alcohol industry wants in.


Scientists Reversed Rats Alcoholism By Firing Lasers At Their Brains

A laser treatment helped curbed the rats' cravings.


First Class! This Brunch Delivers You Bottomless Champagne By Train

If only ALL first class upgrades came with free fizz.


Put Milk In Hot Drinks To Protect Against Cancer, Warn Experts 

Adding cold milk to tea and coffee, or waiting for hot drinks to cool down, could protect against oesophageal cancer, a new study suggests.


La Petite Ferme In Franschhoek


Local Wine Farmers Swap Grapes For Citrus

As the popularity of citrus exports spikes in South Africa, many local farmers are replacing their grape vines with lemon, mandarin or lime trees in an effort to cash in on the trend.


This ‘Molecular Coffee’ Is Brewed Entirely Without Beans

Take the animal out of meat, and you’ve got fake meat. Take the dairy out of milk and you have soy or almond milk. But what happens when you try to take the bean out of the coffee?


Why Orange River Cellars’ Sauvignon Blanc Was 2018’s Talk Of The Town


Coca-cola Admits It Produces 3m Tonnes Of Plastic Packaging A Year

Revelation comes as report calls on global firms to end secrecy over plastic footprint


South African Gin. The ugly truth!

Before I go any further I think it's important to make a clear distinction between 'Gin' and the Artisinal version of the spirit namely 'Craft Gin'!

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